Tales from the Beauty Department

After work experience of more than 10 years in beauty departments of large department stores in Europe and the US

I really wonder what the beauty industry is trying to do to us as women, how we look at ourselves and what's to come for our young teenage sisters.


over the last few years, i've had many occasions, where girls not older than 14 had a very clear view on what they wanted to look like and what they want to express: they want to look like Kim Kardashian ( f. e.) and they want to express 'sexiness'.

Don't get me wrong - there is nothing wrong with sexiness or Kim Kardashian. The point is, young ladies loose

themselves in an image, where they can't find their way to their 'true self', All they know is their reflection in the mirror.


After taking time to talk to those young ladies and also listening to them, it showed that nobody explains to them ´why´ women 25 and up start putting on more makeup - because we don't have rosy or caramel perfect fluffy skin anymore. I told them that not only them - all of us become overwhelmed by Media. Everybody, which puts us in a never ending circle of Pretending.


When I was 14 ( until 17) I fell victim to generation 'MTV'. No matter what outfit I saw in a music video, no matter how short - I had to have it. My mother never forbid to wear those outfits, but she told me not to be surprised about comments...besides that she told me one of the most important things I always keep in mind to this day:


Your Body is A Temple

And you know that you can't just walk up into a temple. You have to respect it, be choosy about who you let enter, and you cherish it.


That should be the same with girls, young women, grown women and even Men - what you put in as food, who you share your body with and how you represent your nature and natural beauty.


Always keep in mind Ladies: Never settle for less than you deserve!





Book tip:  Women who run with the wolves, Clarissa Pincola Estés, PhD

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